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Only The Best Homes.

We really care about where our puppies go.  It is important that they move to a home that is appropriate in both size and amenities. Golden Retrievers are energetic dogs and require attention, exercise, and love.  Dogs that move to homes that can't meet or support their needs will often end up in shelters, so we strive to ensure that doesn't happen.  To ensure this, applications are reviewed first.  A short list of applicants will be interviewed by phone. 


Submitting an application does not guarantee a position on the short list, and being on the short list does not guarantee a puppy.

Please note, you must submit the document either as a Microsoft word ".doc" or a ".docx" file.  Please do not submit files in other formats as we might not be able to process them, and you run the risk of your application being put to the bottom of the pile.

Please print application form, fill out, and email to

Application form

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