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  • I can't find the "Application Form" button"
    If the application form download button is not visible, or the hyperlink is not working, then it means we are not accepting applications at this time. Check the Application page for current information about litters, and applications form availability.
  • Is the waiting list by order that the applications are received
    No. Each application is reviewed and a short list is developed. The names on the short list will be interviewed by phone to further determine their suitabiltiy for one of the pups.
  • If I don't make it onto the main list, is there a backup list"
    Yes A half dozen people will be put on the back-up list once the primary list is full.
  • If I am on the backup list, do I still have a chance at getting a puppy"
    Yes. Situations change for families and sometimes it is no longer possible for them to take a pup. Or the gender they want is not available. Or more puppies are born then the primary list planned for. In such cases, people on the back-up list will be contacted directly
  • Do I pay a deposit to get on the waiting list
    A deposit will not get you onto the list but there is a non-refundable deposit once you are accepted onto the list. It will be reimbursed if there is no puppy born to fulfil your application request.
  • How much is the deposit.
    The deposit is $200 and is required once you are accepted onto the primary list. If the deposit is not paid within 2 days, you run the risk of being dropped from the list. The final payment is made when you take your pup home. Please note that e-transfers are the preferred method of payments.
  • Do you have any puppies right now.
    No. Litters are always planned in advance along with their waiting lists. There are never any puppies that have not already been spoken for. The Puppy Page will be updated to show when litters are expected and when wait lists are open/applications available to be received.
  • Can I visit the parents
    A visit with the mother can be arranged for those that are on the wait list if they so wish. The father is not available for visits as he belongs to a different breader.
  • What comes with the pup i.e. shots etc.
    Please refer to the Puppies Page for details.
  • When is the next litter.
    The Puppy Page will be kept up to date on expected litter dates. Please refer to that page for current litter statuses
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