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It Starts With Good Parents

About our Girls

River Song

River is registered with the  Canadian Kennel Club.

She is beautiful and fun with lots of energy.  She  is 3 years old and this will be her first litter.  Her pups will also be CKC registered. She has passed all of her testing for breeding with excellent scores. River is the one in the middle below

the girls xmas 2021.jpg
river side.jpg


Pearl will be 2 years old on April 1.  She is sweet, loving and fun.  She has loads of energy but is very well behaved .  She has passed all her testing  successfully.  She is a beautiful english cream, almost white.  This will be her first litter.  She will be mated with Beau, who is also white.  The puppies should be gorgeous. 

pearl 3.jpeg
pearl pup.jpg
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